If you have ever decided to have a Las Vegas wedding and then you are looking for a wedding that will favor  with your theme, there are some options that will help you with it. These days, a Vegas wedding can be elegant or tacky, but you can avoid breaking the bank when looking for a Las Vegas wedding that fits with your favors. There are places that you could find that sells items specifically made for Vegas weddings. There are those that are expensive and some are budget friendly, but added with a little creativity in mind, you will surely find the perfect wedding favors from different places.


You could give out casino tokens for your Las Vegas wedding at This could be wrapped in a gift box or bags. You could buy little bags with a money sign on it from party stores. You could also buy tokens from any casino that you like and when you are staying at a hotel that has a casino, it's much better for you. There's no need for you to spend a lot of money for the tokens, you could just buy some from the nickel slots or you can buy one token for every guest and then attach a label to it. This is an inexpensive idea but this is something which your guests will surely enjoy.


When you find it expensive to give actual tokens, you could give chocolate poker chips or chocolate coins. This is something your guests may like and that it's inexpensive, which is why it makes a good wedding favor that also fits with your Vegas theme. There are a lot of generic wedding favor suppliers which could personalize candies that you want that could be made with any text that you want. You also may have the ones that have personalized names on it. Depending with the presentation, it can be class or delightfully tacky. If you got questions and want to learn more, visit


Another option would be in getting personalized decks of cards from poker supply places. You could present them with love card tags. Your guests could play solitaire while listening on the long winded toast from the best man.



There's no need to spend a lot of money because you can just use your imagination. Vegas weddings are fun for everyone. This is in fact the theme of Las Vegas. There are a lot of times to where ordinary objects becomes good Las Vegas Wedding Chapels with added creativity and with the right presentation.